Latest flood situation and the impact on tourism.

 Provinces affected by floods  is Ayudha, Singhaburi, Angthong, Nakornsawan, Uthaithani, Phathumthani, Lopburi, Chainart, Saraburi.
Bangkok at 11/10/2011 in today still in control as well.
Provinces most affected because they are the main attractions is Ayutthaya  The most important industry and tourist city.  There many industrial and many employment here such as  honda car plant This flooding situation make economic lose excess of over one billion dollars . And losses continued to increase steadily over time that may take three months to rectify the situation. Losses as high as five billion dollars over. And may have killed up to 1000 people.

The City is an important part is Bangkok because it is the last outpost in the sea water will be removed. All parties to accelerate the water that goes into Bangkok in the next 48 hours from now . Bangkok unprecedented flooding levels for at least two meters twice in around 100 years ago, and if  we can not to protected this flood be highest flooding in the history of Bangkok.

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