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Coral Reef Bleaching Andaman sea

Coral Reef Bleaching.
Thailand is known as a top ten dive of the world’s. Especially on the west coast of Thailand from Ranong down to Malaysia Point that has been popular for many new snorkelling to see coral reefs, including Koh Surin National Park and Similan National Park. Both places are all foreigners to snorkellingto see coral reefs.
Until today unexpected events that could happen when there are big changes in the tides of the Andaman Sea. The scholars point out that the water temperature increased by the phenomenon of changing water flow to coral lots of death on or called Coral Reef Bleaching this situation started about a year ago when it reported to the Coral Reef Bleaching in the Andaman Sea, academics accelerate the exploration and evaluation of the situation are the same urgency. But you can not do much because it is natural phenomenon. January 2011 today, the latest survey found that the damage caused to coral reefs Coral Reef Bleaching with 80% more than ever.

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Airport Link now open.

Airport Link.
This is welcome news as a very High Speed Rail projects were launched, and then make the journey from the Suvarnnabhum airport into the city has become much easier ever. From the opening of the new international airport in Thailand for many years. But how to get to the airport. And depart from the airport still difficult because the buses are few and slow.
Getting around by car Taxi seems to be the best way. But with the distance of fifteen miles and the fare that is designed for traffic in the city that make it so high more than reality ever. There are also security issues. And services to the poor of the car and the problem of TAXI concessions to companies that care about this man is becoming a serious effect on travelers who rely on these cars.
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