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Unrest Thailand Cambodia, and the impact on tourism.

Thailand and Cambodia are the countries with a long history together. But for the relationship between the two countries in the past is also disagreement. With the war has always been the same. Part of the territory of Cambodia is currently in Thailand once before. But when the colonial period. Thailand is willing to share some of the land to the incoming French government to Cambodia.
With the historic changes and divided the area that has not definitely made some areas still a problem in some zoning. However, historical records, Thailand. Or Siam in those days as a party to the invasion of Cambodia lost more than the Cambodian people, most be cultivating that it does not like the Thai people because it is the deepest history of several hundred years ago when about 200 years ago, Thailand or Siam to the invasion of Cambodia and have Speaking about the move to Angkor Wat, some of the beautiful back of Thailand and the rest is all destroyed. But must be canceled before of the move will take some time and the colonial era is coming. For this reason, a study of Cambodia has put something like this with the Cambodian people, so grew up with hate Thais As in Thailand and grew up with anger Myanmar Or Koreans who grew up with anger the Japanese.
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Old article but good for you.

I ‘have receive many question about where to go to thailand. The answer is in my article in old blog . Today I will tell you about old article but good information for you.
Cheap flight in Thailand  Tell you about travel by plane in Thailand with low cost airline.
Where to travel in Thailand Show top ten place in Thailand.
In begin of march Thailand start summer we have warning you about weather . It so very hot in 4 month of summer you must preparre water ,hat or an umbrella. Wear with sport shirt light and less thin to good air flow. People who came from cold country may be have some problem with temperature in Thailand.

Thai food and fruit

All that is coupled with tourism is the food. Thailand is known as a food source and fruit of the world. With the weather and terrain that is suitable for cultivation in Thailand has made a very great variety in the diet. Food has long been famous hot and sour soup is really hot and sour soup with shrimp, but many are very popular Tom Yum Goong. Thai food that flavor the content areas. So if you are coming from countries who eat food that is quite fresh. Be careful to order food. You need to focus on that, not spicy at all.
Other food if it is recommended that you try to Thailand, including Thai curry coconut milk, fried, such as Curry. Or even paste various There are some items that tell a lot of their own, they must try the fried insects you do not have time to try many Thais also hate to eat it too.

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