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Muay Thai martial art for fight

Martial arts today are many. Some is for conservation only. Something to match Certain to inherit the cultural arts. But boxing is everything. This is dangerous and against the best. Every Thai Muay Thai fighters have mixed blood in the body. Many people came to kick boxing class is a snake, do not need. However, Thai children have been born beautiful and aggressive player it without teaching it. Continue reading

Songkran festival Thailand

Songkran festival Thailand.
    Songkran festival is a tradition carried on a long time. Songkran Day on April 13 is New Year’s Day in Thailand in the past, Today the traditional Songkran festival is very famous in Thailand as the most fun time of year. Many foreigners flock together to enjoy the water play in the Songkran  festival. Continue reading

Kood Island paradise of the east.

Koh Kood (Kood Island) is Thailand’s eastern Trat province who have never visited Koh Chang. You must not miss going to Koh Kood, because not many are separated. There are also completely natural. Koh Kood has attractions as beaches and clear emerald waters. And has been dubbed. “Andaman Sea of ​​the East” is ideal for people who love to travel and enjoy nature unwanted disturbances. Visitor’s trip to relax during the months of October through May because it is the best in tourism Most of the sea to Koh Kood, Trat. With white sand. You to be a part of nature. Continue reading

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