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Floating market and life beside water Symbol of thailand.

In Thailand is famous for its marine transportation, someone said here is East Venice. Many people who have never been come to Thailand thaey might be imagine that Thailand is a country that travel through the water and paddle to work by boat and river. When they came, they was surprise no boat no river or canal to use for transport.
In fact, Thailand is located on the river basin is rich in variety.  In the past, we use river canal in daily life until today some area of thailand they still use river or canal is main transporttation but not bangkok, In Bangkok we have little speed boat for transporttation only 1 route and it look no safety to travel.
Some of inactivity, but to illustrate the past.  But some of the lifestyle is really life. The famous floating market with long time  been known that Dumnoen saduek floating market. Market is trading on a historic reputation as a market for a long time.  The market has plenty to explore, not necessarily the only dumnoen saduek floating market. Continue reading

Ratchaprasong Center of Bangok

Intersection ratchaprasong. Current is a place known as the symbol of Bangkok already. As wide a place as the center of a lot of things. Many people are coming here to do his mission to finish them. Let’s see what’s here to do so. Why people are gathered here together a lot on a daily basis.
First, a large shopping mall Central world. A very large shopping mall walking all day. Shops, restaurants and things to make you enjoy the many shopping malls of this. But because of political unrest in Thailand of the mall is still closed for repair in (11/06/11) and will reopen soon. Next, is  pray respect to budha at the intersection of ratchaprasong. There are many sacred spots with the most points at the intersection ratchaprasong and other areas may be located next to the four sides of the intersection. Many people come to here, you can see the smoke from the incense in the distance. At the intersection of ratchaprasong. Hotel also has a large eight-star luxury at several locations spread. Visitors can stay at these hotels to experience the luxury and walking four separate ratchaprasong. Can enjoy both day and night.

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Hotel Bangkok with Super View for best Dinner

Bangkok The capital of Thailand. Visitors came to see Thailand The first city to travel to Bangkok is. Bangkok is a very big city and attractions.
   The way it’s important Bangkok accommodation. Today I will introduce luxury hotel and restaurant are very beautiful views. You do not have any provision for the accommodation will be the same data to each other.

Hotel Oriental Restaurant, The Verandah.
 Located in the Chao Phraya River. The atmosphere is perfect for soaking riverside. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or evening meal. The food available in the west and east under a five-star service. Oriental Hotel is located in the top 14 of “Top 500 Best Hotels” magazine Travel and Leisure.

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