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Water still non stop, judgement week of Bangkok are arrive now, flooding bangkok update 01/11/2011

Water still goahead to Bangkok , north of Bangkok flooding along the Vibhawadi road and many roads are closed no cars can pass through. The first water line now at Vibhavadi hospital and goes into the Ladprao junction, which is station of MRT and BTS.
On the west side of Bangkok or the left bank of the river. It is estimated that the area has the greatest impact of flood . The water arrive Phetchakasem Road, a main road to the west of Thailand. However, the water has traveled much more slowly than anticipated because construction on the way. However, it is expected that the water arriving at Rama II in the next 5 days.
On the east side of Bangkok, is now least  gradually affected than expected. But do not underestimate must be surveillance because this area is locate of many industrial and International airport.
In Bangkok are not affected directly, but has been affected due to water level in the river by the time of the sea level up and down.
The water level is higher than the wall and flooding influx in the economy area of bangkok. It was not long time before it back to normal, because the sea level dropped.
Has been estimated in various ways. And no one will know what is the best solution, to prepare the most accurate time. Bangkok is still not affected by the flooding BTS MRTcontinues to serve as usual. Donmuang airport is closed and move to the Suvarnnabhumi airport. Travel to North and south by bus may be a problem in a day or two, because the water started to flood in, if this transport, both north and south.
Next 7 day is judgement week of bangkok if we can pass ,we are  the winner.

Water Go ahead to bangkok!!!, update flood bangkok 27/10/2011

Today 27/10/2011 07.13 AM (Bangkok time) Water level continue to raise in the north and west of Bangkok.
The upper waters higher than two days earlier and long distance about 10 kilometers. Donmaung  airport  was declared closed. Runway has been flooded by water many water surrounded that plane, Vibhavadirangsit  road in front of Donmaung airport full with water deep about 1 meter cars cannot pass up.
Water continues to go ahead to the center of Bangkok, within the next 24 hours will arrive Ladprao Jatuchak Market, which Bangkok has announced the closure Jatuchak Market until the situation is resolved.
BTS MRT and Airport Link still open, Suvarnnabhumi International airport still save from flood and ensure that water does not flood the airport Suvarnnabhumi 100%.
Hotel beside Chaophraya river are preventing the water level up to the hotel by a wall of protection higher than 3 M because the water level in the river is now higher than normal levels. 2.5 M and tends to increase.
The government announced, changes to add extra day for 3 days in Thursday, Friday and Monday added to the catalyst prepared with water. The government agencies do not have to mean a flood will stop all, But banks and financial institutions do not stop. And private companies to consider within the agency.
This situation is not very heavy but the biggest problem now is to get as many routes are closed due to flooding. And another problem is the lack of food for the 7-eleven to buy food can be difficult and expensive .
Who will now travel to Bangkok to delay a trip to the first. But if it is used as a way to go out to the North or South, can still move.

Cleavage of people and Latest flood situations Bangkok 24/10/2011.

Lastest flood situations Bangkok 24/10/2011.
Water began to Bangkok starting from the top left and right. Particularly in the West Zone, which is a residential community is home to many large Bangbuathong are,a flood water into the village, all with more than two meters high. Against the east of bangkok water still behind the wall and continue to do fine. The top middle of Bangkok the water spill into the streets Vibhavadirangsit road the main road heading into the heart of Bangkok. The fist important  that are expected to be affected is the Donmaung Airport former main airport of the country before moving to Suvarnnabhum airport and It is also place of the headquarters to solve the flood problem. The center of Bangkok is still not affected of flood in any way.

The problem now is that there has been hoarding goods ,very hard to find some goods especially food and drinking water. People began to stress more on both the flood and the flood is coming. Have many conflicts in society with the different parties do not want to flood,this is  serious problem more than flood.

Many problem in management, when they conflict with each other to resolve problems between Bangkok and government. Because the two management Power is being hijacked. The problem is with great difficulties as a real crisis.

Thailand is a country with a caring attitude towards each other very much. The flood swept them away from society. Assistance from foreign countries may help, but can not be called anything but harmony back to Thailand again.

Estimates of large quantities of water to travel into the heart of Bangkok in about 7 days ahead. Have many expected theory that the water will not flood in Bangkok or not? However, the water will flood or not does not matter anymore, because now the water has flooded into the heart of Bangkok people, then reveals an intense selfishness. Cleavage could create problems for countries more and more than flood.

Bangkok flood be happen or not please watch

Flood situation in Bangkok in 2011.
Today 21/10/2011 the water starts to the north of Bangkok, then all parties to accelerate the water fully. There are lots of rumors out there. The news that a dam break or dike collapse. People gathered in Bangkok to panic hoarding of goods as stores run out I have to take the car to park on the bridge and expressway to jam a lot. In addition, the water level in the PRAPA canal water to rise steadily as a concern because the PRAPA canal is straight into the heart of Bangkok. And a PRAPA canal that will be imported as raw material for production of tap water to Bangkok.
Many estates can not withstand water and water flooded the influx of several large estates. Many of the manufacturing are base of the world production. Many industrial have more than 10,000 hire are under water, flood water damage all industrial economic.
The entire area is flooded in the central provinces around Bangkok and province in the north of bangkok distance of over 300 km, except  Bangkokat 10/21/2011 17:10 still no flood. Travel to the north is also difficult because the main road is under water,  air travel is the best. South are still safe at this time. It has reported much rain as well.

Latest flood situation and the impact on tourism.

 Provinces affected by floods  is Ayudha, Singhaburi, Angthong, Nakornsawan, Uthaithani, Phathumthani, Lopburi, Chainart, Saraburi.
Bangkok at 11/10/2011 in today still in control as well.
Provinces most affected because they are the main attractions is Ayutthaya  The most important industry and tourist city.  There many industrial and many employment here such as  honda car plant This flooding situation make economic lose excess of over one billion dollars . And losses continued to increase steadily over time that may take three months to rectify the situation. Losses as high as five billion dollars over. And may have killed up to 1000 people.

The City is an important part is Bangkok because it is the last outpost in the sea water will be removed. All parties to accelerate the water that goes into Bangkok in the next 48 hours from now . Bangkok unprecedented flooding levels for at least two meters twice in around 100 years ago, and if  we can not to protected this flood be highest flooding in the history of Bangkok.

Flooding situation in central part of Thailand

Thailand is located on the delta plains of the Chao Phraya River is the backbone of the country. In the past, in the rainy season, water may flood in some years . But in the past three years after the flood situation is becoming worse every year and this year is the year 2011 much water as possible has been recorded. Due to rain and the storm came in several times that much water. And more intense and expanded slightly.
07/10/2011 flood the area is flooded with heavy vehicles can not pass through an area of ​​500 square kilometers and lot of water are still  moving into the capital city of Thailand Bangkok. Cause concern that Bangkok will be able to prevent it.
Areas that are affected include the central region. From Bangkok to the north up to the river more than 400 kilometers.
The preparation and avoiding travel. Despite numerous warnings, the capital Bangkok we expect all parties to prevent them from flooding . However, be careful and prepared. In the north of Thailand, the flooding situation began  to normal situation now, But if you want to  Travel to north by car bus or train it is also difficult, the best is travel by air.
Concluded that the situation is still bad  if you count the trip should be postponed to at least 30 days , but if not prior to travel to travel by air is better. West and south of thailand although there is some rain but no flooding situations can be travel.

Next situation of bangkok please watch here only.

New BTS Extension 5 station with lot of people

BTS provides more than 10 years, but with a very short distance through a city landmark, but now the BTS extension is open for business. The passenger can travel from the suburbs into the city even more enjoyable. The extension begins from the station to station, baring oonut total 5.25 km, and all five stations to the station.

Even though it is not long, but a path where people travel a lot and had a lot of traffic, the path is. Therefore, the opening of this route will significantly reduce traffic congestion.

This route is also considered to be the first to the suburbs, making use of BTS is a more productive and meet the objectives of the addition, BTS also plans to sell off in many directions, but it still takes a little longer.

This new route will allow people to get to early 2012, then began to collect fares. But since this is the first to use free of charge. And a path to dense suburban area with people with a lot of people use the service. In peak hours, it has come to a very special and that the BTS was not prepared for was not expected to take much to make the trip during rush hours may be required. The problem comes more than a car service. It is recommended that this time, avoid travel during rush hours.

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