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Flood are slow down , Update Bangkok flood 11/11/2011

Water is still coming to Bangkok in more, but moving more slowly. And it will be waiting at the canal Bangsue two days.
 The above areas are stilled flooded up to 80 CM and not reduced. In an effort to prevent water from entering Bangkok now. It is estimated that water will not flood in the economy due to reduced speeds and better protection.  But concern are is the west and east of Bangkok.

West of Bangkok near the water, Rama II Road, a main route to the south of Thailand. If the road cannot be used to make the journey south from Bangkok, it would be impossible. However, there is an attempt to drain the water away from other roads to be used as a route to the south of the road, Rama II cannot use it.

East of Bangkok, there are two large estates, and as a source of investment money. The water was moving closer. But there are still efforts to protect them fully.
 Industries in Thailand worsens because of its size to bring together the biggest flood in 50 years by the assembly of automotive and industrial electronics. The efforts to prevent flood water from entering two large estate industry is left to the east.

11/11/2011 The most recent situation.
North of Bangkok at Ladprao Junction, water still full on the road, a small car is not available, And entered the water. Vibhavadi Road and Phaholyothin Road about 1 mile from the intersection Ladprao and stop there. All of BTS and MRT stations are still open .However some stations also have a limited exit, such as Ladpro station. Flooding in the area of the station making the trip continues to be difficult therefore to avoid Jatuchak remain closed indefinitely. A trip to the northern at Mochit bus terminal continued to serve as a regular.
Suvarnnabhumi Airport still does not get any effect from flood. A trip to the south by bus, Southern bus terminal are temporary moved to Rama II road, Trip to the South please check the path to the water-logged Rama II Road, it will able to move Southern bus terminal again if the road to the south Rama II are closed. Check the information before every trip.

Hello water are you late for Bangkok meeting, Bangkok flood update 05/11/2011

Water continued to travel to Bangkok start arriving fully Ladprao Junction, This is the center of many important applications such as building large malls and luxury 5-star hotel Central Ladprao,
Subway Station, Many large office buildings,This is the intersection of the main streets of Bangkok to the third line is Vibhavadhi-Rangsit Road,Ladprao road and Phaholyothin road.
Next to the south from this point about 1 Kilometers, is the park Chatachak, And the next Chatachak weekend market, That announcement is not scheduled to be closed.
From Ladprao junction 1 km to the east is the site of a large bank, And large shopping malls ,universities ,Court at these areas the flood water level is not high Approximately 30 CM.
Next to another 1 km to the location of the Kasetsart University, which is larger than 1 m of flood deep. At this point small cars cannot pass up.
Kasetsart University is that home of Center Nuclear reactors, which are smaller nuclear lab, however it can be Little concern for residents in the neighborhood.
Many efforts to prevent flooding into the heart of Bangkok. The major drawback is the inefficient management. Not understanding of the people in the catchments area which may have been under water for longer than usual for Bangkok protection. But the lack of publicity and not enough support causes to fight for these people to use these areas to prevent flooding
These problems are very challenging subproblems for the new government was responsible for only a few months. This situation may be created a hero, or Satan.
But now the majority of the government to solve problems that are very low efficiency.
BTS and MRT remained open as usual and have confirmed the availability of flood protection for up to three meters and has a 24-hour surveillance.
Many stores closed, check before you travel. West of Bangkok, is the area most affected by flooding over 1 m of water area , However the left bank of the river or the west is the residential area,
No economic significance is similar to the  east.
If efforts to protect water as  the flood Bangkok are failed Bangkok will flood with a 1 meter deep all Bangkok areas within 7 days, That  is the biggest damage, the in history of Bangkok.
This flood has an impact on the world global industrial sector because Thailand is a production base for auto parts and electronic components of the world.
It is also an important food source in the world, Thailand is top of a rice exporter of the world, flooding are destroyed economy of the Thailand very much.

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