Bangkok flood be happen or not please watch

Flood situation in Bangkok in 2011.
Today 21/10/2011 the water starts to the north of Bangkok, then all parties to accelerate the water fully. There are lots of rumors out there. The news that a dam break or dike collapse. People gathered in Bangkok to panic hoarding of goods as stores run out I have to take the car to park on the bridge and expressway to jam a lot. In addition, the water level in the PRAPA canal water to rise steadily as a concern because the PRAPA canal is straight into the heart of Bangkok. And a PRAPA canal that will be imported as raw material for production of tap water to Bangkok.
Many estates can not withstand water and water flooded the influx of several large estates. Many of the manufacturing are base of the world production. Many industrial have more than 10,000 hire are under water, flood water damage all industrial economic.
The entire area is flooded in the central provinces around Bangkok and province in the north of bangkok distance of over 300 km, except  Bangkokat 10/21/2011 17:10 still no flood. Travel to the north is also difficult because the main road is under water,  air travel is the best. South are still safe at this time. It has reported much rain as well.

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