Flooding situation in central part of Thailand

Thailand is located on the delta plains of the Chao Phraya River is the backbone of the country. In the past, in the rainy season, water may flood in some years . But in the past three years after the flood situation is becoming worse every year and this year is the year 2011 much water as possible has been recorded. Due to rain and the storm came in several times that much water. And more intense and expanded slightly.
07/10/2011 flood the area is flooded with heavy vehicles can not pass through an area of ​​500 square kilometers and lot of water are still  moving into the capital city of Thailand Bangkok. Cause concern that Bangkok will be able to prevent it.
Areas that are affected include the central region. From Bangkok to the north up to the river more than 400 kilometers.
The preparation and avoiding travel. Despite numerous warnings, the capital Bangkok we expect all parties to prevent them from flooding . However, be careful and prepared. In the north of Thailand, the flooding situation began  to normal situation now, But if you want to  Travel to north by car bus or train it is also difficult, the best is travel by air.
Concluded that the situation is still bad  if you count the trip should be postponed to at least 30 days , but if not prior to travel to travel by air is better. West and south of thailand although there is some rain but no flooding situations can be travel.

Next situation of bangkok please watch here only.

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