Cleavage of people and Latest flood situations Bangkok 24/10/2011.

Lastest flood situations Bangkok 24/10/2011.
Water began to Bangkok starting from the top left and right. Particularly in the West Zone, which is a residential community is home to many large Bangbuathong are,a flood water into the village, all with more than two meters high. Against the east of bangkok water still behind the wall and continue to do fine. The top middle of Bangkok the water spill into the streets Vibhavadirangsit road the main road heading into the heart of Bangkok. The fist important  that are expected to be affected is the Donmaung Airport former main airport of the country before moving to Suvarnnabhum airport and It is also place of the headquarters to solve the flood problem. The center of Bangkok is still not affected of flood in any way.

The problem now is that there has been hoarding goods ,very hard to find some goods especially food and drinking water. People began to stress more on both the flood and the flood is coming. Have many conflicts in society with the different parties do not want to flood,this is  serious problem more than flood.

Many problem in management, when they conflict with each other to resolve problems between Bangkok and government. Because the two management Power is being hijacked. The problem is with great difficulties as a real crisis.

Thailand is a country with a caring attitude towards each other very much. The flood swept them away from society. Assistance from foreign countries may help, but can not be called anything but harmony back to Thailand again.

Estimates of large quantities of water to travel into the heart of Bangkok in about 7 days ahead. Have many expected theory that the water will not flood in Bangkok or not? However, the water will flood or not does not matter anymore, because now the water has flooded into the heart of Bangkok people, then reveals an intense selfishness. Cleavage could create problems for countries more and more than flood.

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