Songkran festival Thailand

Songkran festival Thailand.
    Songkran festival is a tradition carried on a long time. Songkran Day on April 13 is New Year’s Day in Thailand in the past, Today the traditional Songkran festival is very famous in Thailand as the most fun time of year. Many foreigners flock together to enjoy the water play in the Songkran  festival.
       April 13 of each year, they had a New Year’s Day in Thailand before, when a long time ago. People are gathered to make merit and to seek blessings from a respected adult. With water at hand to bless the elderly at the age of longevity. After that, the elderly or adults with respect, it will bless the children. Songkran Day is the day that the family is come together.
      When New Year’s Day has changed as of January 1 the universal, but Songkran Day is still a family of living people are brought together and go home with their family. Government has declared Songkran festival as three consecutive days off for people to return home. The blessings of water, it evolved a splash in the present, In the past we have mixed with flour and water and use face paint in order to ask for each other and bless each other.
       Songkran Festival today, we see a lot of people came together on the road. Spray guns to spray watering on each other is great fun. In the April is a native of summer weather is very hot. But when the festival is making it reduce temperature of the best one. Songkran water festival the whole country ever. Songkran Festival is greatest celebrating  of Thailand. If somebody ever to join they will never missed this festival in the next year.

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