Thailand Flooding Conclusions, Thank for help and Happy new year

Flooding Conclusions  Thailand Happy New Year 2012.
Flooding in Thailand has gone from all area, Everything is comeback again.
All travel routes can be uses, You can use all normal. Attractions for visitors to be fully restored.
All hotels are launch a new campaign to get customers in the High season to compensate for revenue lost during the flood.
The industry has been affected by flood, the government are support for accelerate recovery.
Many industries can return to start machine to produce product now.
Food industry has a problem in the production and transportation , making some food out of market, it now almost back to us at all. You can find food anywhere in the country.
Are also affected by flooding to existing homes in the agricultural sector. However, there is not much space and be come back soon.
As Thai people we thank you everyone that sent assistance to us during flood.
We will never forget what you guys give us.

Thailand would like to welcome you all to visit the local beauty, The smiles of Thai people.
Generosity is appreciated, And taste delicious from now pround to be present services and facilities that you would love Thailand in this new year 2012 Happy new Year.

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