Water Go ahead to bangkok!!!, update flood bangkok 27/10/2011

Today 27/10/2011 07.13 AM (Bangkok time) Water level continue to raise in the north and west of Bangkok.
The upper waters higher than two days earlier and long distance about 10 kilometers. Donmaung  airport  was declared closed. Runway has been flooded by water many water surrounded that plane, Vibhavadirangsit  road in front of Donmaung airport full with water deep about 1 meter cars cannot pass up.
Water continues to go ahead to the center of Bangkok, within the next 24 hours will arrive Ladprao Jatuchak Market, which Bangkok has announced the closure Jatuchak Market until the situation is resolved.
BTS MRT and Airport Link still open, Suvarnnabhumi International airport still save from flood and ensure that water does not flood the airport Suvarnnabhumi 100%.
Hotel beside Chaophraya river are preventing the water level up to the hotel by a wall of protection higher than 3 M because the water level in the river is now higher than normal levels. 2.5 M and tends to increase.
The government announced, changes to add extra day for 3 days in Thursday, Friday and Monday added to the catalyst prepared with water. The government agencies do not have to mean a flood will stop all, But banks and financial institutions do not stop. And private companies to consider within the agency.
This situation is not very heavy but the biggest problem now is to get as many routes are closed due to flooding. And another problem is the lack of food for the 7-eleven to buy food can be difficult and expensive .
Who will now travel to Bangkok to delay a trip to the first. But if it is used as a way to go out to the North or South, can still move.

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